"He’s a threat….."


Mother’s Day huh..pupu


Mother’s Day huh..pupu


every kimo and gross noise

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me: ends incredibly depressing sentence with "lmao"

I barely go on here lmao


by なのら

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"And why… am I… Pointing my slingshot at Dafu, while he just sits there!?"
"And why… am I… Pointing my slingshot at Dafu, while he just sits there!?"

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Tsukiyama Shuu - Kaneki Janakya Dame Mitai
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Skinny Yamada is kinda scary.


After a lot of asks and some flabbergasted tags about this post I made yesterday, I decided to throw a quick tutorial together on the steps I took to make some semi-real looking paper cut out art in SAI! Hope this clears it up and helps some others out who want to try this!

rin: *has to share a bed with haru*
rin: now is probably a good time to talk about feelings
rin: no chance of misunderstandings and all
rin: hey haru i told you i always admired you right?
rin: i still remember the first day i met you
rin: without you i have nothing to aim for you know?


Everyone is freaking out about how ‘sudden’ Haru’s change of heart is and I think they’re failing to realize something pretty important. Haru swimming professionally is something that’s been discussed since the beginning of the season, so its obviously something he was…

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Oliver of VOCALOID

Cosplayer: Vine

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